Can I just say that Rei’s top is actually amazing.

I was really poorly yesterday so I made myself feel better with a screencap redraw. Finished it off this morning as a bit of a warm-up. Not entirely happy with it, but it served a purpose!

Screen cap from the lovely Sailor Moon Screencaps, as always.



Postcards For Ants, Lorraine Loots

These bother the hell out of me


Artist おくら 


Artist おくら 


capitalism truly kills the man, mr hero


Definitely one of my favourite of the illustration cards that come with the BD/DVD volumes.

Fangirl Challenge : [1/5] Animated Films » Howl’s Moving Castle
"Sorry, I’ve had enough of running away, Sophie. Now I’ve got something I want to protect. It’s you."


Spanish is a beautiful language. You don’t say “I love you” in Spanish, you say “yo quiero comer culo” which translates to “you are the light of my life” which I think is one of the most beautiful things to say to someone


you will always have me.


i want someone to love me the way momo loves that stag beetle

"Congrats, swim club."
"You're going to nationals?"
"Way to go, swim club!"
"You've really worked hard."
"It's very impressive."


100 Days Song Challenge

Day 27: A song with a number in it.

  • 18th Floor Balcony - Blue October (Foiled)

"I knew it from the start
So my arms are open wide
Your head is on my stomach
And we’re trying so hard not to fall asleep
Here we are
On this 18th floor balcony…
We’re both flying away.”

dear cas