How To Scan Doujinshi

Time and time I’ve been asked how I scan my doujinshi since my doujinshi are still in great quality. First question you gotta ask yourself, what do you consider damage? To me, a damaged doujinshi is a broken spine, pages falling out, and creased front cover. So here is my way of doing it personally. 

*Please Note* I don’t personally think mine is the best and the most flawless (as I’ve had one doujinshi break on me), but it works just fine. In the end, I’m satisfied with my scans to the point that I can work on them and I still find my doujinshi to be of great quality. 

First things first.
This blur by the spine is what we scanlators call a Gutter Shadow. It can be very problematic to work with especially if a bubble is within it’s range. We all know that this is caused by the scanner not pressing down on the book for, most times, fear of breaking/ruining the doujinshi. 

Depending on each scanlating team’s preference it’s either “you get what you get” or it’s “sloppy and ‘un-professional”. 

Clearly, for me, it’s extremely unacceptable in my scans, but just like most other scanners. I was terrified of pushing my doujinshi too much. I didn’t want to ruin my hard earned doujinshi. I did have trial and error the first few times of scanning. Then I figured out what worked best for me and my doujinshi. So here goes.

I did that for shits and giggles. Y’all know what you should need. The book is optional but in the long run it helps so much imo.

I pick out the doujinshi that I want to scan and the first thing I do is open it in the middle of the whole doujinshi. From there I pull the book further open. NOT TOO MUCH! You don’t want to risk breaking the glue to the point that your precious doujinshi’s pages fall out but just enough to make it flexible. Coax it into being cooperative jajajaja.

I do this for about every other page on the doujinshi.

Now, alignment is extremely important. So I really take the time to make sure that every page is in perfect alignment with the scanner. Although I’m human, I can only do so much. While aligning my page, I’m keeping a firm hold on my doujinshi spine as far down as I’m willing to let it go. From there I gently close my scanner while still holding the doujinshi and gently remove my hand then keeping a firm hand on top of the scanner. Again, this is to keep it aligned as well as keeping the spine safe.

This is where the book comes in. It keeps my spine down gently and it keeps from my book dis-aligning. You can use your hand and keep it firmly pressed if you’re afraid of the books weight being too much. After so many pages, though, your hand may end up hurting. Which is why I just use Papa Andersen. 

Once done scanning everything, I tend to let my doujinshi stay in the scanner with the Heavy book firmly pressed down.

No spine damage that would make me cry. If anything, I’m still satisfied by it’s condition. 

Back to the gutter shadow issue…

Originally that’s what my scans look like. There’s the ugly gutter shadow of death D:< and you can see the previous page. (I see you Norge peeking through that bubble) Compared to some gutter shadows I’ve seen, this is a really easy fix because I took all precautions to prevent it.

That’s all to it! 

So by doing this process I am able to bring quality scanlations to you my dears as well as keep my doujinshi in perfect condition.

Don’t believe me? Just ask my “Dolfin” by Yori doujinshi.

100 page scanned doujinshi and not a single crease on the cover or spine. 

It just takes a lot of patience and getting to know what works for you. If you’re not sure, try it out on a doujinshi you least like. 

That’s really all there is to my scanning. I hope it slightly helps some of y’all! Happy Scanlating!!

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