Am I the little mermaid yet?

  1. faverreのコメント: CJ IS SO PRETTY HAHA ;3; love your hair!!
  2. the-spooking-of-beesのコメント: Oh no she’s hot!
  3. abominableveのコメント: cute!
  4. fuckingtomatoesのコメント: OH MY GOSH I DON’T THINK I HAVE EVER SEEN A PIC OF YOU BUT YOU ARE VERY, VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! Also kick ass wings and hair love~!
  5. bubbleloungeのコメント: ahh that is a great color on you! and i am super envious of your ability to wear lipstick so well!
  6. thegirlhumanheroのコメント: You’re really, really pretty!
  7. cjelskerlinkの投稿です
dear cas